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Mosquito attacks often go unnoticed as they use minute amounts of local anesthetic, along with blood anti coagulating agents. They will often sit undetected drinking the blood of their victims. Swelling and annoying itch are the common reactions to their bites. For some of us that can be worse than others. Generally over a period of time our body naturally reduces its reaction to this, which is why virgin visitors often seem more prone to their bites than locals.

Apart from these side effects, the danger of virally transmitted diseases such as Ross River & Barmah Forest should be a foremost concern.

Although no fatal symptoms can persist for months to years. Making yourself less accessible and attractive to mosquitoes is the best form of prevention.

Cover up with loose clothing when and where possible.

Mask mosquitoes attracting odours with a deterring scent.

Try not to scratch as this can cause skin infections.

Boost your body’s virus immunity and reduce allergic reactions with dietary supplements.

Take note of spring tides (very high) particularly on a full moon and with little breeze, sandflies are extremely active at this time.

"The Locals” natural remedy

Concerned by the toxic effect of chemical repellent, inspired a local of Point Samson in WA to come up with a natural alternative. Originally created to protect her family, this aromatherapy based and DEET free lotion proved so effective, that she decided to make “The Locals sandfly and mozzie stuff” commercially available for all.
What makes it so special?
Made from the purest natural ingredients, essential oils and enriched with vitamin E, this unbelievable lotion is actually kind to your skin, whilst it’s pleasant scent creates an effective repellent, it also actively assists to:
• reduce your skin's reaction to bites.
• heal and prevent skin infections.
• and increases your viral immunity.